Software and Database Integration

Increase Productivity, Avoid Double Data Entry

Systems integration is all about the communication that takes place between separate pieces of software and/or databases.

For example, perhaps your customer information is in a CRM, but you find it’s necessary to reenter much of the same data into a specialized shipping program. We can help the systems talk to one another and share information, eliminating the unproductive cost of wasted staff time entering the same data in multiple places.

From database development for industrial plants to HIPPA compliant data handling and invoicing systems for the medical claims, we have a broad range of experience in helping improve your business workflow through automation and optimization.

Custom Software can be a great investment. Your ROI comes in the form of improved competitive standing, optimized work processes, and increased profitability.

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We Have Extensive Experience with Software Integrations

We have successfully integrated databases and pieces of software to function harmoniously in ways that substantially increase productivity.  Some examples include:

  • Integrating Google Maps with Desktop applications
  • Integrating a custom front end with a client’s existing accounting software
  • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) integrations with Crystal Reports, and
  • Integration between various MS Office products

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