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Suffering from Off-the-Shelf Software Blues?

There are plenty of “canned” or ready-made software solutions out there claiming to address your needs and solve your problems. Aimed at a general audience or an entire industry, they may offer only a part of the solution you really need.

Sometimes, choosing off-the-shelf software is like taking Aspirin for a toothache. It helps reduce the pain but does little to address the underlying problem.

At Cartia Consulting, we listen to the unique challenges faced by your business, and we can fit software to your workflow, rather than changing the way everyone works to fit new software.

We Design Custom Solutions for your Unique Business

Before we begin to design custom software, we analyze your business processes and diagnose problems or areas for improvement.  We create a plan to address identified issues and swiftly put that plan into action, increasing productivity and giving your business the competitive edge needed to reach its full potential.

We specialize in desktop applications and cloud-based solutions.

We have designed custom software solutions for trucking companies, environmental cleanup sites, healthcare companies, financial institutions, and many others, including non-profits.  Regardless of the industry in which you do business, we have you covered.

To set up a free consultation with Cartia Consulting so that we can help your business take advantage of its opportunities and overcome its biggest challenges.

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